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MX Skill Master is a patent pending web based video role-play simulation technology that allows you to create role play scenarios (On Demand). Your team can respond by using any device with a webcam. Practice, practice, and be coached independent of each others schedule. "Sweat in training so that we don't lose opportunities".
Effectively prepare your team to handle difficult communication scenarios
• handle objections
• negotiations
• product launches
• compliance
• selling skills
• customer interactions
• performance coaching
• building customer loyalty

A Tradition of Excellence : Matrix Achievement Group, LLC
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"During my sixteen years of global training for a multibillion dollar corporation, it was rare to find an easy-to-use, powerful solution that actually worked like MX Skill master does! MX Skill Master’s ease of application within ANY industry or skill practice (product launch, marketing messaging, even compliance issues), makes it one of the most versatile and effective training and development tools ever developed."

Nigel R. Hircock,
Managing Director

"I’ve been leading and developing training for over 25 years. MX Skill Master is the missing link to connect classroom training to field. MX Skill Master makes it easy for learners to learn and even easier for coaches to mentor. I truly believe that whether you are training sales, service, leadership, operations or even compliance, this tool can provide the support for your team to move from knowing to actually doing."

Alice Flinn
Principal, Open Road Strategies

"Matrix is a master of the craft and your team will leave the training not only more motivated than before they entered... but with a higher skill level, which will stay with them long after the motivation has worn off. If I was still running my own sales team, I would have his company services as part of my development plan for all sales personnel."

Michael Stoia
Sales Rep. 22 years 
"I would highly recommend Matrix to companies looking to grow revenue by improving the knowledge and skill set of their field sales organization."

Larry Foster

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Proven. Practical. Powerful.

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A Day in the Life

See how skill development can be done at the point of revenue.

  • 7:01 AM | Crushing the Competition: Getting Prepared

    Joe clicks on the XYZ Product Launch skill video. He reads the scenario background, the 'talk track' script and reviews the best practices video. He records his response, tries again and submits.

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  • 7:27 AM | Manager Engagement/Coaching Remotely

    Joe's manager receives an email notification about Joe's skill simulation,reviews it, scores it, and provides video feedback. With those insights, Joe updates his 'talk track.'

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  • 1:45 PM | Overcoming Objections

    Joe presents the new product to a prospect and overcomes objections by staying cool, and confident. He reviews the video leader board and watches a global video announcement from his VP. "New Product sales - Great Job, Joe!!!"

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  • 4:23 PM | Pricing Pressure: Negotiation

    Joe has an appointment cancel so he works on his negotiation skills because he has been getting a lot of price pressure in his market. He practices new strategies and tactics (jujitsu, reverse options, squirrel, etc).

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  • 4:45 PM | Driving Revenue and Development

    Joe knows this customer is price sensitive because it is a difficult economy; But he feels prepared because of his new negotiation skills and is able to influence the customer to accept a slight price increase.

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  • 6:01 PM | Unique Customer Experience

    Joe reviews all the sales calls from earlier today and reviews the Calendar function to determine other corporate training or resources to leverage for building customer loyalty.

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MX Skill Master

Simulation app for practicing skill building anytime, anywhere.

Move the Needle on Performance

  • Capture and share best practices

  • User friendly video simulation

  • Independent practice and feedback

  • Self-customized scenario building

  • Skill status and priority

  • Evaluate training effectiveness

  • Remote performance coaching

  • Simultaneous skill and revenue impact

  • Pre-loaded Fortune 500 Skill Content

  • Cost-effective

  • Simple administrator functions

  • Leader board for motivational engagement

  • Push notifications

  • Easy implementation launch package

  • Manager video announcements

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  • Drive revenue and skill development simultaneously

  • Remotely prepare your sales people for difficult situations

  • Best practice adoption Everyone, Everyday, Everywhere

  • Increase sales

  • Capture and share best practices

  • Cost effective compared to traditional training

  • Evaluate training effectiveness

  • Just in Time/Just in Need for sales people

  • Compress sales cycles

  • Reduce key talent turnover

  • Compress time to effectiveness

  • Protect margins

  • Increase global sales call effectiveness

  • Reduce global translation costs

  • Immediate message adoption in response to competitive or market situations

  • Motivational

  • Easy resource for Manager's to develop their teams

  • Time management optimization (cancelled appointment=skill review)

  • Unique customer experience

  • Sustainable skill development

MX Performance Package

Meeting sales people where and how they live.


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